14mm to 18mm Showerhead Glass Downstem

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Who doesn't love extra?

Get extra diffusion, extra clean, extra smooth, extra light hits with extra flavor. This is how to improve your water pipe without having to buy a brand new pipe! By adding our infamous glass showerhead downstem perc to your preferred bong or bubbler you'll instantly upgrade your smoking experience. Our hand cutting & polished finish creates multiple, angled precise slits for the best performance. Offered in the most popular, universal size our sleek, low profile 14mm to 18mm glass downstem is available for sale in multiple sizes to fit all your needs. 

Looking for the perfect matching bowl slide? Grab one of our clear glass Round Bowls

Want an upgraded replacement glass downstem for your Purr2Go, 8" Beaker or 12" Straight Tube? Make sure to get the 3.5" size.

Pro Tip: Need to know how to fix a stuck glass downstem? Make sure to wipe your joints clean in between uses to keep it unstuck.

Satisfaction guaranteed with our risk free, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Qualifies for our 1 Year Full Warranty.

Product Information: 

  • Removable diffuser downstem
  • Sizes represent length of glass below the ground joint
  • Joint Length: 1 1/4"
  • Outer joint fits inside a 18mm female joint
  • Inner joint fits 14mm male accessories
  • Perc: showerhead downstem, angled slits for small vigorous bubbles
  • Made with thick heavy wall Schott glass
  • Handmade in California

30-Day Money Back Guarantee1 Year Warranty

7 Reviews

  • 5
    It sure is a downstem

    Posted by EG on Jul 19th 2019

    It's exactly what I expected out of a US made downstem. Not going to change your world but there's nothing to disappoint here either. Much appreciated that the length can be selected in half inch increments.

  • 5

    Posted by Andrew leonardi on Jun 22nd 2019

    I bought a Purr2go a few months ago and I love it. I found out that they make a showerhead downstem and I had to give it a try, and I have to say it is the best purchase that I have made. This downstem made my Purr2g0 even better than it already was. It give the best hit I have had in a very long time. Thank u purr for being so amazing keep up the good work!!!!

  • 5
    Super smooth showerhead

    Posted by TJC on May 6th 2019

    The cleanest, smoothest, and QUIETEST hits out of my Purr2Go. Perfect addition to a perfect bubbler!

  • 5
    14mm to 18mm Showerhead Downstem

    Posted by Jesus on Mar 3rd 2019

    I love this piece! I purchased it originally with my purr2go and it broke. I purchased a new one recently no question asked. It creates a better smoking experience. It creates a well balanced amount of bubbles that make every hit smooth. Doesn't even feel like your inhaling much until you let it all out. Great job and quality! Love it!!

  • 5

    Posted by Jacob on Feb 27th 2019

    The downstem on my 10inch Pürr beaker was my favorite downstem ever. I have never found one better wish my local smoke shop had Pürr.

  • 5
    Worth it

    Posted by Edward on Dec 5th 2018

    I got this as an upgrade for my Purr2go hammer and it works great.

  • 5
    Showerhead Perc Downstem

    Posted by JAMES DEMEL on Apr 23rd 2018

    I use this regularly with my purr2go, The smoothness in the hits after swapping out this accessary is like night and day! Definitly worth the upgrade whether you use it to dab or for flower! Sturdy and very easy to clean aswell, iso soak in a bag with salt, and a hot water rinse. Makes for very flavorful and very light, smooth hits!