18mm Showerhead Ash Catcher 90°

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  • 18mm Ash Catcher Design
  • Overall Height: 5 1/8"
  • Base Width: 2"
  • 18mm Joint Size
  • Fits both 18mm or 19mm glass joints
  • 90 Degree Joint Angle
  • Perc: Multi-Slit Showerhead
  • Bowl not included
  • Made in California

30-Day Money Back Guarantee1 Year Warranty

1 Review

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    Catch Some Ash - Dress Up Your Bong

    Posted by B.R. from Canada on Mar 13th 2019

    What Is It On?: I added this as an option to my 16” Straight Honeycomb Glass Water Bong.

    First Impressions: Honestly, I was not sure I needed an ash catcher. It did make sense to have a bit of “pre” filtration to help keep the entire system clean, but I was undecided. Then, a smooth talking sales guy (yah, I am talking to you Chad…LOL) gave me the push I needed to give it a try.

    Using It: Super simple! Just add a splash of water to cover up the showerhead, slide it into place, slip the bowl on top and you’re ready to go. It brings the bowl up a little higher and places it further out from the pipe. Lighting was no problem (even though the bowl is higher). Yes, my eyebrows are still there…LOL. Seriously, I didn’t even notice the extra height when lighting the bowl. The draw is a little more concentrated as you are pulling smoke through the small showerhead / water combo then into the main pipe. Maybe it’s my imagination, but I felt like I could control the draw better using the ash catcher…producing the perfect hit.

    Final Thoughts: I like it and I am glad I have it!! It changes the feel of the smoking experience, the look of the setup … and …. it keeps the big pipe free of floaters that like to cling to the honeycomb.

    It’s cool to watch the smoke travel from the ash catcher to the main pipe. For the show-off in you, the ash catcher hanging on the end to the 16” bong looks fantastic!

    Enjoy your PURR!!!