Extra Large Smokey Glass Filter Tip

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Guaranteed to feel like a boss with this Extra Large Smokey Tip! This is the largest size in the family & its sure feels like it. Our handmade filter tip will make smoking even more fun, long lasting & packed with flavor. You'll finally be able to take those full, smooth & cooled hits. And not to mention, use of a tip makes sharing much easier - no one wants a soggy hit! Enjoy watching your milky hits condense through the clear chamber while you smoke and use that visibility to keep an eye on build up too so you can maintain your tasty hits. Tbh, we don't smoke hand rolls without them! 


As the largest size from our original Smokey Filter Tips, this Extra Large Tip allows you to easily fit a 3/4" thick roll inside the tip. Or for bigger rolls, place the Smokey Filter Tip inside your paper so about 3/4" chamber is covered & roll with the tip inside.


It's as wide as a Bic Lighter & about 1 inch taller, this glass tip feels luxurious, solid in your hand and well balanced with your roll in place. This custom Extra large smoking filter tip even features our 24K logo for all the fancy feels. Plus, using our glass filter tip not only improves your smoking experience but will keep your hands smelling fresh even after you're done. Since our tips are made of glass vs. the wood, plastic or metal alternatives, they're natural, safe, non toxic and super easy to clean! 



Cleaning Instructions: 


Simply take a Q-Tip dipped in isopropyl alcohol and wipe the inside of the Smokey Filter Tip clean. It'll look brand new within seconds! 


Alternatively, for heavier resin build up or stubborn spots, soak the tip in an isopropyl alcohol/salt solution. Soaking times may vary from minutes to hours to overnight dependent on your level of build up.