>  Where is your product made?

All of our pieces are made right here in Chatsworth, Los Angeles, CA. Purr is family owned & a small, tight-knit team with a passion for glassblowing. We're one of the original, longest-standing & established American glassblowing brands around, crafting high quality, hand blown glass pipes, bongs, rigs, bubblers, pendants & more.

>  Things to ask yourself to find the best pipe for you

When shopping for a piece from us, there are a few things you will want to consider in order to find the best option for you. You should ask yourself whether you want to use a piece for bowls or as a rig. Are you a daily smoker or a once-in-a-while toker? Is portability something you require or do you need a smoke station for home? These, among other questions, are important factors in deciding the right piece for you. You can also check out our review videos for a lot of our glass to get in-depth information to make an even better decision.

>  Do you have a warranty?

We offer a 1-Year warranty available for purchase alongside a vast majority of our products. This warranty covers any kind of damage or breakage that occurs within a year from delivery for a full replacement or repair. You can learn more about our policy, what it covers, & how to claim it on our Warranty page.

>  What piece hits the smoothest?

We have a wide variety of glassware that accomplishes very different tasks depending on what kind of smoke you are looking for. If you're looking for a piece with a bowl, our Double Chamber Bubbler is an excellent powerhouse with two separate water chambers that individually clean & diffuse your smoke. It was even voted by the community as the best bowl piece with the most health benefits for people with respiratory issues. If you love rigs, our Bud Vase & Decanters are both equally excellent diffusers for ultra smooth hits thanks to their Matrix percs.

>  Do you have any coupon codes?

Yes! Get a 10% off coupon code for your first order with us. Simply enter your email in the pop-up offer that appears on our homepage to get your coupon code emailed to you. 

>  I need to cancel my order.

If you need to cancel your order, contact us immediately. If your order has already shipped, you are responsible for any return shipment fees.

>  I want video of you making my product

If you're interested in checking out how we make our glass, you can visit our YouTube channel where we have lots of videos of us making both custom & production glassware. We also post videos daily on our Instagram & Snapchat stories of us making your favorite products, as well as customs & repairs. If you've got a custom or repair with us, be sure to stayed tuned in to watch your glass getting made!

>  How do I use the piece I bought from you?

You can head over to the product page of the piece you bought from us and check out the videos section. There will be a video that goes over every aspect of the specific piece and how to use it.

>  My piece arrived broken!

In the unfortunate event your order arrives incorrect or damaged please contact us within 48 hours of delivery with your order number, photos & explanation of the situation. All items must be unused & received in 100% new condition to qualify for assistance.

>  I want to do a product review of your most awesome products.

We appreciate your feedback! If you bought one of our pieces, we would love to hear your experience. You can submit a review on our website on the product page, and/or our Google page. If you are looking for a sample to review, we do not send samples.

>  Where are you located?

Our production studio is located in Chatsworth, CA. If you would like to make an appointment to visit our studio, you can email us.

>  Can I visit your shop?

We love meeting our community members & can accommodate visits to pick up orders. We're always busy making the products you love, so we request that you email us to set up an appointment to visit.

>  Can I shop at your location?

Absolutely! While visits to our facility are by appointment only, we are more than happy to accommodate & get our glass in your hands. If you're interested in picking up at our studio, you can email us to set up an appointment to visit.

>  Can I visit outside normal business hours?

If you can't make it between our typical business hours of 10 - 4, you can set up an appointment with us to visit on off hours by emailing us.

>  I want to sell your products in my store.

We are more than happy to accommodate wholesale orders. You can email us to get started!

>  Will you send me some samples?

We do not give away samples of our products. If you're interested in collaborating with us, email us so we can hear more about you.

>  Do you have an affiliate program?

If you're interested in collaborating, email us. We would love to hear more about you!

>  I would like to make a suggestion.

We would love to hear what you have to say, you can submit questions and suggestions by emailing us.