MININAIL™ Quartz & Titanium E-nail Set

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Easy, reliable torchless dabbing for daily smoker.

The MiniNail™ Micro is the best e-nail of choice, making torchless smoking available anytime. Each unit is proudly pre-calibrated for the most accurate temperature precision, giving you consistent, even heat & better vaporization so you get the highest quality dabbing experience every time. Perfect to get those truly low temp dabs. Just pair it with your dab rig of choice.

MiniNail is a trusted expert in the field of electric nails & craft their products using highly educated & informed methods & materials. They even undergo regular titanium certification, which you can see their published here. Finally, a trusted, reliable, high performing & safe enail that's American made! Built for all day, every day use.

Pro Tip: For maximum vaporization, clean your nail dish after each dab by wiping with a cotton swab to eliminate resin build up.

 MiniNail™ Quartz Hybrid Enail Includes:

  • Micro Controller Unit in Black or Gold
  • Flat Heating Coil
  • 25MM OD Quartz Dish Tops - 2
  • 20MM Titanium Dish Top 
  • Ti Heat Spacer
  • 16MM & 20MM Slug Adapters for Heater Coil
  • Universal Male/Female Ti Adapters for use with 10mm -19mm male/female fittings
  • 20mm Ti Anodized Tool/Carb Cap
  • Titanium available in Gold or Rainbow
  • Non-stick silicone pad/mat
  • 2-Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Made in Seattle, Washington

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