Pocket Wick Hemp Lighter

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The Pocket Wick is our favorite hemp wick! We use it every time we smoke for a clean, non butane taste. Preserves flavor & has the perfect burn rate. Comparable to a chapstick container, it's lightweight & comfortable to hold making it the essential lighting tool while you smoke.  


The wick is sturdy enough to hold it's shape while burning, giving you that much needed control to position the flame as you see fit. Easy to use & the perfect size, great for social media use too! This Pocket Wick along with a Toker Poker are essential accessories for any smoker.


Pro Tip: Hold the wick closer to the flame as it burns for added control & to prevent curling.




Product Information:


  • Ingredients: Hemp, Pure Beeswax, Love
  • 20 Feet in length
  • Burn time is about one month for the average smoker