Original Smokey Glass Filter Tip 3-Pack
Original Smokey Glass Filter Tip 3-Pack
Original Smokey Glass Filter Tip 3-Pack
Original Smokey Glass Filter Tip 3-Pack

Original Smokey Glass Filter Tip 3-Pack

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Did your friend "borrow" your beloved glass tip or accidentally broke your trusty filter tip? With this special priced 3-pack you'll never be without your favorite Smokey glass rolling tip. You can stash one in your home smoke station, in your car, purse, backpack, etc. so you have a quality smoking experience every time. Or have each tip ready to use in each of the various uses - have a larger roll rolled on the outside of the glass tip, a hand roll inserted inside the glass filter or you can even pack it as a mini one hitter. 

With so many benefits, you'll never want to smoke without your American made glass tip. Reduce coughing, increase flavor & smoothness, avoid burned lips, smoke your rolls until the end comfortably, keep unwanted smells off of your hands & prevent resin & hot smoke particles from ever reaching your mouth. The best part about this clear version is that you'll even be able to see every milky hit and keep track of build up so you know when you're due for a cleaning. And since our filter tips are made of glass, they're easy to clean, reuse & preserves fresh, natural flavors while you smoke - better than the wood, metal, plastic or paper tip alternatives.

See how to clean your Smokey Glass Filter Tips in this video

Watch the video to see how to use our Original Smokey Glass Filter Tip, get the benefits & tips for best use!

Want a glass tip to fit your pre-rolls too? Check out our sleek Pre-Roll Glass Tips which can also be conveniently used with your hand rolls.

Pro tip: The best part? If you're out of papers, you can still smoke by using the glass tip as a one hitter or chillum pipe - so versatile!

Product Information:

  • Height: 1 3/4''
  • Width: 1/2''
  • Width of Opening: approximately 7.5mm (each is handmade & can vary +/- a few .1mm)
  • Three ash catch pinches
  • Made of thick borosilicate Schott glass
  • Handmade in California

PROP 65 WARNING WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm – www.P65Warning.ca.gov

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