Repair Appraisal Service

Repair Appraisal Service

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Let us repair your Purr or non-Purr glass bong, bubbler, pipe or accessory with our expert glassblowing skills! Simply place an order with this service fee and provide the order number on the repair request form when you fill it out. This service allows us to dedicate one-on-one time with you & your piece to determine if your glassware is repairable and how you'd like to have it repaired. This fee will be compensated on the final cost of the repair if your repair is approved.

Please note that this is not the fee for repair and the cost to complete the repair will be sent to you after your piece has been approved.

Repair orders must be pre-approved by our team by submitting a repair request via our form. We cannot service your repair request if you do not place an order for an appraisal.

Coupon codes not applicable. Service fees are non-refundable in the event you no longer want to proceed with the repair.

Variations outside of the agreed design at time of order can be subject to additional charges and extended projected turnaround times.

Disclaimer: Due to the unknown original quality & construction of non-Purr glass items, repairs can risk further damage, and may become unsalvageable during the process.

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