Small Hammer Bubbler (Assorted Color)
Small Hammer Bubbler (Assorted Color)
Small Hammer Bubbler (Assorted Color)
Small Hammer Bubbler (Assorted Color)
Small Hammer Bubbler (Assorted Color)
Small Hammer Bubbler (Assorted Color)
Small Hammer Bubbler (Assorted Color)

Small Hammer Bubbler (Assorted Color)

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The classic pipe in a small footprint for big, clean, smooth hits.

Small in stature, but huge on flavor. Small enough to hide away in the palm of your hand, it'll deliver a smoke many times its size.

Every detail counts, like the right distance from the bowl to your face. Built by smokers, for smokers, we know that singed hairs suck!

Ultra clean diffusion creates a very smooth experience, especially helpful on a small piece. Creates tons of volume while staying ultra flavorful.

Ready for a lifetime of bowls. Made of thick borosilicate glass, it'll withstand the test of time with proper care. Get it insured for a year for a full replacement or repair.

A miniature version of the same great OG Hammer design, you’ll fall in love with how much performance you can crank out of such a tiny piece. Our showerhead percolator that diffuses & cleans your smoke for hits many times its size, while keeping the flavor high & your mood elevated. Easily travelable & stowed away when not in use. You won't miss not having a bong around with a piece this convenient. Keep it even more convenient with the Toker Poker lighter multi-tool. Mix & tamp your bowls with the same lighter you use to light it up. No more dirty fingers & more efficient bowl smoking! Please be aware that due to the nature of the size of this piece & showerhead downstems, we do not recommend snapping your bowls through your piece. This perc thrives on wide open airways to thoroughly diffuse your smoke, and can be impeded by clogged slits. We suggest blowing your water out after use, through the bowl. Simply close the carb and blow through the mouthpiece with the bowl facing away from you to clear your downstem.

Features & Specs:

  • Length: 5 1/2''
  • Height: 2 1/2''
  • Push bowl design
  • Perc: showerhead downstem, fixed & angle cut design for small expansive bubbles
  • Carb: hole on left
  • Made of thick borosilicate glass
  • Handmade in California

PROP 65 WARNING WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

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