Purr2Go Collapsible Travel Hammer Bubbler Bong & Rig Set

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When you want ease & quality on-the-go.

The top water pipe alternative to an all-glass, silicone, acrylic or aluminum pipe. As active, outdoor enthusiasts that like to travel, we especially know how smoking on the go can be a drag - that’s why we created Purr2Go. Now, you’ll get filtered, hydrated and smooth hits from a durable and easily portable handheld water pipe. Quality smoking is easy and hassle free, so you can stay focused on the fun!  

If you want upgrade your on the go smoking experience, just add our infamous 14mm to 18mm Showerhead Downstem in the 3.5" length!

Pro Tip: Wipe or shake clean using rubbing alcohol & salt, then rinse with cool water. Do not soak or expose to warm/hot water/solutions. Watch how to clean Purr2Go here.

Purr2Go is easy to use. The bubbler chamber, cap & mouthpiece can all be unscrewed and assembled back together - it’s a collapsible modular pipe! Makes it quick & simple to add water or clean out. And not to mention, it’s the strongest, cleanest & closest American made alternative to glass.

The strongest and toughest bubbler. This revolutionary pipe is made of BPA free, medical grade polycarbonate, a type of high grade plastic that’s shatter resistant, lighter, stronger & more durable than general use plastic. Purr2Go shines like thick glass & is tough enough to handle more than a few bumps & accidents.

Function is key. This comprehensive kit includes a 6-cut removable glass downstem & bowl for the smoothest, diffused and flavorful hits when you’re on the move. Or instantaneously turn it into a rig with the included Ti domeless nail or choose the Quartz Banger all for the same price! Less is more when you’re travelling and that’s why Purr2Go is dual purpose friendly. Plus it comes with a neoprene travel case that neatly keeps all the parts together, protected, organized for easy packing. You'll be ready for the next adventure!

Easy cleaning. Don’t soak or waste time waiting around! Clean the polycarbonate parts simply & quickly with isopropyl alcohol & salt. Simply wipe clean or add the solution inside to shake clean. Then thoroughly rinse with cold water. That’s it! DO NOT soak the polycarbonate parts in any solution or expose to warm/hot water.

American made. Proudly the first injection-molded pipe made, premium quality & produced with the highest American manufacturing standards. Made locally by experts right here in Chatsworth, CA! 

Product Information:

  • Designed for dual smoking use
  • Includes: 14/18 removable 6-cut glass downstem, 14mm Glass Round Bowl14mm Domeless Titanium Nail or 14mm Quartz Banger 90 Degree & water resistant travel case
  • Polycarbonate chamber, cap and mouthpiece are modular parts that can be unscrewed & screwed back together creating a secure, airtight seal
  • Joint size: 14mm
  • Pipe with bowl: 9 ½” x 5”  x 1 ½”
  • Pipe with nail: 9 ½” x 6”  x 1 ½”
  • Travel case: 7” x 6 ¾”
  • Label: Embossed Pürr Clear
  • Made in California

21 Reviews

  • 5
    Great overall product

    Posted by Andy on Aug 25th 2019

    Works great! Makes a fantastic travel piece. One of the items came broken during shipping and they very quickly replaced it. Great customer service. Good company to do business with.

  • 5
    Doing God’s work!

    Posted by JP Pharms on Aug 7th 2019

    Purr Glass does amazing work. Their work speaks for itself, definitely the only glass team we will use and recommend to anyone else. Keep achieving my friends, you all are not missing the mark by any means.

  • 5

    Posted by TJC on May 6th 2019

    Seriously this is the best portable bubbler on the market. It's American made, super smooth, extremely durable, travels well, disassembles and cleans very easily. I've literally bought 4 or 5 so far.. and I didn't buy another because there was a problem. . I ended up gifting them to friends and fellow enthusiasts who fell in love with my Purr2Go. Then I turned around and bought another one for myself. There is nothing better when it comes to quality, convenience, and portability. I LOVE LOVE LOVE MY PURR2GO!!

  • 5

    Posted by Kimosabi on May 4th 2019

    The best bubbler ever! 2 tokes up....

  • 5
    Purr 2 Go

    Posted by Jeffrey Teller on Mar 6th 2019

    An engineering marvel! There's more bubbles than from pipes twice the size! And isn't it the bubbles that count?

  • 5
    PURRfect Piece

    Posted by Kelcie on Feb 5th 2019

    I got this for my boyfriend as a gift and he and I both love it. Great quality, smooth, doesn’t break if you accidentally leave water in it and it freezes, easily collapsible for traveling and cleaning, clumsy resistant (we’ve dropped it and it’s still in amazing condition), it should 100% be the next addition to your collection. Plus, the PURR crew is friendly, knowledgable, helpful, creative, and all pieces are made in the USA!

  • 5
    Pürr to go bubbler

    Posted by R. Smith on Jan 28th 2019

    Hands down this bubbler is a must have. I wanted to buy this for a couple months but never did. I was an idiot for not buying it sooner. Everything about it is convenient. It’s super easy to assemble and clean and the airflow is amazing.

  • 5
    Great piece

    Posted by Edward on Dec 5th 2018

    I just received this piece in the mail today and took it for a test drive now. This hammer is awesome! I also ordered the new 7 hole bowl and showerhead downstem. The combo is amazing. Big smooth hits. Super easy to clean too. I've owned about 15 Purr pieces and this is definitely one of my favorite.

  • 5
    Best product ever!!

    Posted by Tyler rodenheiser on Aug 23rd 2018

    I purchased the purr2go back in March and it is without a doubt one of the best smoking investments I have ever made. I take the purr2go on hiking trips, skiing, and even out in the golf course where I can leave it in the front of the bumpy ass golf cart.

  • 5
    Perfect design

    Posted by Corey on Aug 22nd 2018

    Another flawless design by my dudes at PURR. only wish the showerhead downstem came with mine buuuut I digress. Perfect, smooth hits with a glass downstem that is of great structual quality, so much so I dropped it from about 6 feet onto asphalt with no cracks.

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