Sherlock Spoon Pipe

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COMFORTABLE - The smooth, flowing shape means its easy to hold while smoking

CONVENIENT - Just big enough to completely hide away in your hand, making storage even easier

STRESS LESS - The ash catching mouthpiece eliminates hot ash getting sucked through your piece 

UNIQUE - Each piece is adorned with a dot of heady color for a unique touch

A traditional but timeless design, the sherlock pipe is famous for its comfort & ability to look into your bowl while smoking. We've gone a step further to improve the design with our signature ash catching mouthpiece, meaning no more hot ash getting sucked through your pipe. The glass marble on the side provides greater ergonomics while adding a tasteful splash of color.

Pro Tip: When smoking a fully packed bowl, it's a good idea to toss up & stir it to get an even & efficient burn. Don't reach for those toothpicks or paperclips, because the Toker Poker is a lighter multi-tool that makes smoking & maintaining your bowls that much easier! 

Satisfaction guaranteed with our lifetime customer support & risk free, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Qualifies for our 1-Year Full Warranty.

Features & Specs:

  • Height: 3"
  • Length: 3 1/2"
  • Single hole bowl
  • Features ash-catching mouthpiece
  • Carb on left when in use
  • Made with thick, heavy wall Schott glass
  • Handmade in California

If you're looking for a hand pipe that's even more unique, contact us for a custom.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee1 Year Warranty