Toker Poker Lighter Multi Tool

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Toker Pokers are essential for every smoker. The small unit fits over your standard Bic Lighter and comes with a stainless steel poker and bowl tamper. Both of these help you smoke efficently by allowing you to mix up your bowl for even, thorough burning. The stainless steel tamper is perfect for packing down the biggest of bowls, helping your control how you smoke.


We like to use the tamper to pack down the bowl when it's cherried to ensure fuller and richer hits. Plus, when the bowl's finished, simply use the poker to empty out the bowl so your fingers & hands stay clean. Bottom line, everyone smoker needs a Toker Poker when they smoke! It's THE tool you didn't know you were missing, we can't smoke without it.



Product Information:


  • Available in 9 colors as pictured
  • (L to R) Pink, Lavender, Orange, Slime Green, Forest Green, Blue, Gray, Glow in the Dark or Black