Glass Filter Tip for Pre-Rolls

Difference Between a Filter Tip and a Roll-In Glass Tip

There are many great accessories for smoking weed pipes, but a “must have” for enjoying cannabis through joints, blunts, and pre-rolled cones are our glass filter tip holders and our roll-in glass tips. The filter tip holder and a roll-in glass tip are game changers in terms of refining your joint smoking sessions. Both styles improve function resulting in a smoother smoking experience and each style appeals to an array of different smoker preferences. Our filter tip holders are a small tubes of glass that you use as a mouthpiece to hold a pre-rolled cone, joint, or blunt similar to vintage cigarette holders. Roll-in glass filter tips function similarly as a mouthpiece but are smaller since they’re rolled inside the joint paper, providing a lower profile hand feel.

Once you use glass filter tips or roll-in glass tips, you won’t want to smoke without using them. These joint accessories have intense benefits for those who want to combine the pleasures of traditional weed smoking with a modern accessory that enhances flavor and the consumption experience.

Let’s take a closer look at the differences between a filter tip holder and roll-in glass tip and how to use them.

Glass Filter Tip for Pre-Rolls

Let’s review which kind of glass filter tip to shop for if you’re smoking pre-rolled cones. Because pre-rolls are joints that have a tapered filter tip, we make a special tapered Pre-Roll Glass Filter Tip. A perfect fit to accommodate different sized pre-rolls, your pre-roll easily slides into the shaped glass filter tip for a snug hold as the pre-rolled joint is consumed.

A glass filter tip promotes a full and satisfying smoking experience that’s cleaner and feels better. For best smoking practices, adding our Pre-Roll Glass Filter Tip prevents the mouthpiece from getting restricted, soggy, or sticky while smoking. It also allows you to easily hold and smoke the whole roach when it becomes small, hot, harsh, and unmanageable. You don’t have to worry about burning your fingers or lips if you use a glass filter tip.

The fact that you can smoke the pre-roll down to the filter means you are using more of the cannabis that might otherwise be wasted. Most importantly, a glass filter tip condenses and allows the smoke to cool before it enters your mouth and lungs for smoother, fuller inhalation. It filters out some resin, ash, and weed particles and therefore contributes to a more comfortable experience. 

Pre-Roll Glass Filter Tips are versatile and can also be used with hand rolled joints too. Because of the tapered shape, this glass filter tip can hold different sized hand rolled joints, best for smaller and moderate sized rolled joints that don’t fit our standard Smokey Glass Filter Tip holder styles.

glass filter tip holder

Glass Filter Tip for Hand Rolled Joints, Blunts, and More

If you’re hand rolling your own moderate to large sized joints, shop our Original Smokey Glass Filter Tip holders. Especially if using with our Purr Rolling Machine, which makes a professional-looking, perfectly-sized joint for our “Original Smokey” glass filter tips. Simply insert your joint snugly into the joint to create an airtight fit and enjoy.

Luckily our glass filter tip holders share the same benefits as our pre-roll glass filter tips. Additionally, both styles of joint tips reduces the smell of smoke on your hands, provides a sturdy hold and mouthpiece feel to make you feel confident and stress-fee while smoking. Not to mention they’re reusable and easy to clean.

We also make glass filter tips that can be easily used with blunts and cannagars as well. You can either roll-in our “Original Smokey” size for your blunts, or for slightly larger blunts shop our Large Smokey Glass Filter holder. The large glass filter size is also a great fit for cannabis cigars, or cannagars. To use, simply insert into the large filter tip snugly, and it’s ready to use.

Do you need a size for novelty, party sized joints, and creative rolls? Then you can always contact us for a custom glass filter tip design. Especially when smoking larger joints, blunts, and cannagars a glass filter tip can add multiple benefits while greatly improve handling, your hits, and overall smoking experience.

Roll Your Own with Roll-In Glass Tips

The roll-in tip allows you to create a more traditional feeling joint, like a smoking a cigarette. Sharing similar benefits to the outer, glass tip holders, one of the best benefits of a roll-in glass filter is that it’s smaller and most effectively prevents problems like canoeing or your joint’s mouthpiece collapsing and restricting airflow.

The steps for rolling a joint using a roll-in glass tip are simple. If you’re a less experienced roller or have mobility issues, use with our Purr Rolling Machine. Simply insert your roll-in tip into the empty roller, add your ground weed, and roll up altogether with your paper for a quick, easy, and seamless looking joint.

Or if you prefer to hand roll, roll your joint like normal with the roll-in glass filter tip placed at the mouthpiece end before adding in your ground up cannabis. Then with your roll-in tip and weed positioned in the paper, roll up like normal. Some prefer to have the entire glass tip inside the paper or have a little piece of the glass tip sticking out beyond the paper. Remember to position enough of the roll-in tip inside to prevent it from falling out and to ensure you have a secure hold.

roll glass tip

How to Clean your Glass Filter Tip and Roll-in Glass Tip

Regular and thorough cleaning will optimize the use of filter tips and roll-in glass tips for best performance and so you don’t waste your weed. Resin will increase harshness, negatively impact the taste, and yield of your product. Clean your glass accessories regularly and carefully with rubbing alcohol. Use a Q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol to get inside hard to reach places. Watch our cleaning video for an in-depth tutorial.

A Word about Purr Products

Purr glass filter tips and roll-in glass tips products are American made, individually handcrafted in our California based, family-owned glassblowing studio. With a long history in glassblowing premium weed smoking pipes and accessories, we use the best materials, high quality Schott glass, and small batch heady colors for our highly functional and elegant designs. These simple to use smoking accessories make for the best, cleanest, smoothest joint smoking experience.

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