Custom Made Glass Bongs and Pipes

Getting a custom glass product is the ultimate way to personalize your smoke experience. Whether you’re looking to modify just one detail on any of our bongs, have a specific pipe design in mind, or even want a customized non-functional glass item, we can help. Check out the video below for exact directions on how to fill out the form below




See why our incredible community chose to go with Purr customs!

"PÜRR Customs are Class Glass. I'm super happy with my custom pieces. The entire process from start to finish was professional and prompt, and the pricing was entirely fair. I recommend PÜRR for all your custom glass needs."

- Neal

"...I submitted a form and heard back from someone within a couple of hours which I found super impressive. There was a mock-up of what the piece would look like and a quote. I gave the green light and I couldn’t be happier that I did so! The adapter fits like a glove and looks amazing. Great job, Purr!!"

- Jodi

Elevate Your Session with Custom Bongs and Glass Pipes

Your smoking accessories are not just tools but a reflection of your personality. At Purr Glass, we provide custom bongs, glass pipes, and smoking accessories tailored to your style and preferences. Our custom-made bongs and pipes stand out in design and functionality, providing a personalized and enhanced smoking experience. From subtle personal touches to bold, artistic statements, we craft custom glass bongs and pipes for every preference.

How to Customize Your Bong

Begin by selecting a size and shape that aligns with your smoking preferences. Afterward, explore a range of percolator styles and colors to customize your piece to your liking. Our custom bong glass blowers can incorporate additions like multiple percolators and ice catchers or even add custom logos or help create a unique design. We collaborate with our customers to ensure their visions come to life. And if you don’t want a fully custom-designed bong, but want to modify one of our existing styles with some personalized modifications, we can do that too. Whether you’re looking for something simple or intricately detailed, our dedicated team will craft a bong that’s uniquely yours.  

Why Choose Purr Glass for Custom Bongs? 

We use only premium materials and thoughtful design and techniques to guarantee that your custom creation is visually stunning, performs to our high standards, and is built to last. We work closely with you at every step to ensure your custom bong meets and surpasses your expectations. By choosing Purr Glass, you invest in a uniquely handcrafted piece to enhance your smoking sessions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How are custom bongs made?

A: Our custom-crafted bongs combine artistry with precision. It begins with selecting high-quality borosilicate glass, for its durability and heat resistance. After meticulously engineering your requested design, our skilled glassblowers then shape the glass, which can include sizing the glass to custom specifications, adding colors, and incorporating unique features like customized percolators or artistic embellishments. We carefully execute each step to ensure the final product is visually appealing and functionally superior, resulting in a unique, personalized bong tailored to our client’s preferences.

Q: Why choose a custom bong, glass water pipe, or dab rig?

A: By choosing a custom bong, glass water pipe, or dab rig based on your preferences, you get to decide on specific features that matter most to you, such as size, filtration system, and design. This personalization will enhance your smoking sessions, ensuring maximum comfort and enjoyment. Moreover, any of our custom designs are unique works of art that reflect your personality and style. Our custom bongs, dab rigs, and pipes are sentimental pieces that will make your smoking experience more satisfying and memorable.

Q: What smoking accessories do I need for my custom glass pipe or bong?

A: A grinder is essential for breaking down herbs efficiently. Screens can help prevent debris from entering the pipe, which is why we recommend our multi-hole bowls. For bongs, consider cleaning tools like bristled pipe cleaners or Purr Glass Cleaners explicitly made for glassware to maintain clarity and hygiene. Additionally, consider investing in protective cases or padded bags for storage and transport. For dab rigs, you’ll need a torch and dabber. Personalizing these accessories to match your custom piece can elevate your smoking session’s overall experience.

Q: Is it better to smoke from a custom glass pipe?

Glass is a neutral material that doesn’t impart any additional flavors to your smoke, ensuring a pure and clean taste. We tailor custom glass pipes to your specific smoking preferences. A custom pipe may be more satisfying as it meets your personal preferences and smoking needs, along with high sentimental value, etc.

Q: How do I clean a custom bong?

A:Empty your custom bong like normal, rinse it out with room temperature water, and then fill it with Purr Glass Cleaner, isopropyl alcohol, or your preferred glass cleaner. Gently shake the bong, allowing the mixture to dissolve the interior resin and build up. For intricate parts, use a soft-bristled brush or pipe cleaners. Rinse thoroughly with room temperature water to remove all cleaning agents. Allow it to air dry completely before use. Watch our "How to Clean Your Bong videos and more for best practices when cleaning your glass. Regular cleaning with extra care due to its unique features maintains the bong’s best functionality and appearance, ensuring that your custom piece remains a part of your glass collection for years.