1 year warranty

What is our warranty?

Our 1-year warranty provides you with peace of mind when buying glass. When purchased at the same time as your glass, the warranty covers any damage for a full year from date of delivery. If anything happens, you're eligible for one full repair or replacement. Click the warranty checkbox on the product page for added glass protection, or become a VIP member to automatically receive a full warranty on all qualifying purchases!*

add warranty protection

Why do we offer it?

Accidents happen. While we strive to handcraft the highest quality glass products, glass can result in unfortunate breakage. Whether your pet knocks it over or your friend drops that brand new bowl, we want you to feel confident knowing your purchase is insured with an extra layer of protection.

How do I claim my warranty?

In the event that you need to claim your warranty, fill out the form below so we can help replace or repair your glass as soon as possible. Please do not throw your broken glassware away just yet. We'll need photos to identify if your glassware is repairable.

Once your request is received, please allow 24-48 business hours for us to reach out with next steps.

  • Warranty must be purchased alongside the product, or qualify as a VIP Program member.
  • 1-year warranty purchases are valid for a full year from date of purchase.
  • VIP program purchases qualify for warranty on all Purr-brand merchandise for 180 days from date of purchase,  or for the duration of your active membership; whichever comes first.
  • Images must be provided for redemption. Retain all glassware until your warranty claim has been resolved.
  • Free shipping within the continental US.
  • International customers responsible for shipping and import/duty fees, if applicable.
  • Excludes non-glass products, glassblowing supplies, services, and wholesale orders.