How to Get your Repair Consultation


Not sure what kind of repair you need and just need an expert eye? Get an appraisal to best identify repairability and solutions. We want to work with you in order to achieve the result you want. Glass repairs require expert-level skill, proper planning and working time for to ensure the fix is safe, secure and yields the best results.



2. Once your appraisal order has been placed, fill out & submit the form below.**

3. We'll reply within 24-48 business hours. If your piece is repairable, we'll send you a link to finalize your shipment.***

* If your piece is a Purr and needs repair, don't worry about purchasing an appraisal. Just leave your original order number for your piece. Coupon codes are not applicable to your appraisal or repair order.

** If you decide not to continue with your repair, or your piece is unrepairable, fees are non-refundable. Refunds will only be honored if your piece is completely un-repairable.

*** All taxes and expedited shipping rates are calculated at checkout.


Add us to your contacts to ensure our emails get to your inbox. If you haven't heard back from us within 24-48 business hours: 1) check your junk folder and 2) contact us to follow up.

Upon completion of your repair, service is final sale & non-refundable.