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America's Premier Store for Handcrafted Glass Bongs and Pipes

We have perfected the art of glass blowing to create bongs and pipes that elevate your smoking experience. Balancing form and function, our products are manufactured by hand through multiple stages of heating, shaping, and annealing the glass, ensuring superior performance and results.

Whether you’re a casual smoker or a glass connoisseur, Purr Glass is the ultimate destination for high-quality glass bongs and pipes made in the USA. Water bongs, beaker bongs, bubblers, pipes, and accessories – you name it, we have it. 

All our glass products are handcrafted with precision and care to deliver effortlessly smooth hits that satisfy.

Choose quality, choose American, choose Purr Glass.

Glass Bong
Keep your brand new glass protected from those heart stopping accidents! Adding our warranty will fully cover any kind of damage or replacements.
Joint Tips
30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Buy with confidence. We're so sure you'll love your new piece, that if you don't, you can send it back for a full refund within 30 days.
Glass Blowing
Glass bong repair and more on all brands.
Hand Blown Glass Pipes
Build a custom bong & more for you or your business.

Purr Glass - Online Store for High-Quality Smoking Accessories and Tools

Elevate your experience with accessories crafted to perfection. Our commitment to quality is evident in each piece, making us the go-to bong store for discerning customers across the globe.

We specialize in crafting custom glass bongs and pipes – ideal for individuals seeking a personalized smoking experience. Whether you want to customize one of our existing bongs to your specifications or build a unique piece from scratch, our in-house glassblowing studio and attention to detail enable us to create glass products that deliver effortless performance.

We also provide affordable bong repair services for all brands and models. Broke your prized bong? Don’t throw it away yet. Send it to us, and we’ll deliver it back to you as good as new (or better).

Glass Joint Tips
Perks like yearly service credits, warranty on all glass purchases, year-long discounts, and much more!

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