About Us

At Purr Glass, we prioritize blending functional and beautiful designs, crafted to be enjoyed every day. What sets us apart is our commitment to not only providing exceptional products but also offering glass repair and custom glass making services. We take great pride in offering these unique glassblowing services to our community.

In our early days, we operated locally, mainly within California, in a door-to-door manner due to conservative laws related to glass pipes. However, Purr Glass took a leap in 2012, participating in our first-ever national trade show, which marked the beginning of our expansion. Our product line has grown to include scientific and modern versions of iconic designs like the upright Sherlock, Double Chamber, and the compact “Pocket” sized designs, each becoming a standard in the industry and a timeless favorite among enthusiasts.

Join us in the Purr Glass experience, where every creation is not just an item but a testament to our unique philosophy. With Purr Glass, you don’t just own a bong or a pipe; you are part of a story of innovation, tradition, and community.