Double Bubbler, Two Chambers

Double Bubblers, Double the Benefits: The Advantages of Handheld Double-Chamber Bongs

Double bubblers combine the ultra-refined, voluminous pulls of a water bong with the portability and convenience of a handheld bubbler pipe. For bong-enthusiasts and bubbler-lovers alike, these unique pieces provide the best of both worlds. Like double chamber bongs, double bubblers feature two percolators that filter smoke not once, but twice before inhalation for hits twice as clean, smooth, and cough-free. 

A typicalbubbler is a handheld water pipe with a built-in percolation system that filters smoke through water before it is inhaled. Yet double bubblers feature not one, but two chambers to provide double the filtration, smoke volume, and smoothness of each hit.

With double the benefits of a water bong or bubbler, double bubblers combine the ultra-purified hits of a double bong with the convenience of a handheld pipe. This makes double bubblers the perfect pieces for those who enjoy smooth, clean, cough-free pulls from a bong, and want a piece more compact or portable than a full-sized bong or rig. And for bubbler-enthusiasts, double bubblers offer added benefits: with two chambers for smoke diffusion and filtration, these pieces yield hits twice as smooth, clean, and great-tasting, while producing the smoke volume that you’d expect only from a much larger piece. 

But what is a double bubbler, and how do these unique pieces work? How do you use a double bubbler? And how should you clean a double bubbler to ensure satisfaction with every use? In this article, we answer these questions and more, discussing everything you need to know about double bubblers, their unique benefits, and how to make them last a lifetime.

What is a Double Bubbler Pipe? 

What is a Double Bubbler?

Essentially, a double bubbler is a handheld version of a double chamber bong (also known as a double bubbler bong). Bubblers themselves combine the filtration, smooth hits, and great taste of a bong with the convenience and versatility of a traditional, handheld pipe. At Purr, we take our double bubblers the extra mile with our precisely hand cut and angle cut showerhead downstems which add to the high performance, diffusion and functionality.

Double bubblers feature two chambers--or percolators--and, as a result, provide twice the filtration, diffusion, and smoke volume as their single bubbler counterparts. Though a double bubbler essentially functions as a double chamber bong, it retains the handheld portability of a traditional bubbler, making it easy to take smooth, bong-sized hits on the go. Also great if you need a smaller water pipe for easier handling, storage, and discretion. And because they feature two full chambers instead of one, double bubblers offer twice the smoke volume as traditional bubblers, resulting in bong-sized, cough-free hits.

Double bubblers work in the same way as other water pipes, but with one key difference--and one major advantage. Double bubblers feature not one, but two chambers--or a double percolation system--that filters and refines smoke twice before it is inhaled. 

How Do Double Bubblers Work?

As its name suggests, a double bubbler features two separate chambers, each with its own separate downstem. These two chambers are connected by a bridge that allows smoke to pass from the first chamber to the second. As a result, double bubblers offer twice the smoke diffusion and filtration.

As a double bubbler fills with clouds, smoke enters the first chamber, moving underwater as all debris and impurities are filtered out and cooled. Next, the smoke travels through the showerhead downstem of the first chamber into the second. Once the smoke reaches the second chamber, it's diffused through the water once again, where it is thoroughly cleaned and cooled for a second time. By the time it rises to the mouthpiece, the smoke has been ultra-purified, resulting in hits that are twice as smooth, great-tasting, and large in volume.

How do Double Bubblers Work?

You can see a double bubbler clearing and cleaning smoke as you inhale. As smoke travels through the first chamber, the water in the downstem will change in color--a sign that all debris and impurities have been filtered out and left behind. By the time smoke enters the second chamber, you will witness cleaner, clearer, water as the smoke gets ultra-purified before rising to the mouthpiece.

By traveling through both chambers in a double bubbler bong, smoke is completely cleared of impurities, while the device itself can fill with more smoke than other pipes, providing large hits despite its portable, handheld size. Because they are filtered twice, hits from a double bubbler taste especially pleasant. Double bubblers offer twice the percolation and diffusion of regular water pipes, resulting in hits that are twice as smooth, twice as large, and twice as clean.

For our visual learners, check out our double bubbler product video for a detailed experience of how a double bubbler works. Our video references key points in using a double bubbler like how to fill it with water and understanding the water levels when using a glass double bubbler.

How to Clean a Double Bubbler

Double bubblers are quick and easy to clean; for optimal function, we recommend  cleaning your double bubbler on a daily basis to ensure that your next hit is as smooth, great tasting, and voluminous as your last. When taken care of, your double chamber bubbler will last you a lifetime.

For the best experience, we always recommend changing your water daily or even after every smoke session if you want to avoid harsh hits.  And if you ever experience a downstem clog, simply turn your double bubbler upside down over the sink, with the water still inside, and blow through the mouthpiece and out of the bowl; this will dislodge any extra debris.

When you’re ready to clean your double bubbler more thoroughly after long-term, frequent use, first start by draining out all the water through the mouthpiece. Then clean the entire piece by soaking it in a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and salt (or, alternatively, a special formula specifically designed for cleaning glassware). After soaking, be sure to rinse your double bubbler thoroughly with water. By the time cleaning is completed, your double bubbler will look exactly the same as it did when it was new. Or watch our cleaning video to see how to clean a bubbler.

Why Choose a Double Bubbler Pipe?

Compared to single bubblers and glass bongs, double bubblers provide the best of both worlds, and double the benefits. With two chambers that fill with purified smoke, double bubblers yield the dense, voluminous hits of a big, double chamber bong, while each pull is twice as great-tasting, smooth, and enjoyable. As handheld versions of double chamber bongs, double bubblers make it easy to bring bong-sized, ultra-purified hits with you wherever you go. Without the difficulty of having to handle or stash an oversized bong, you’ll be able to enjoy cough-free, ultra smooth hits every time. Ultimately, double bubblers offer double the benefits, making the perfect devices for bong-enthusiasts and bubbler-users alike.

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