Glass Water Bubbler

Glass Bubbler Pipe FAQs

A bubbler water pipe is similar to bongs functionally, but they are usually smaller, often around 6-8" tall. The main chamber of a bubbler water pipe is usually located under the bowl, contains the percolator, and is filled with water. A bubbler water pipe is usually designed for smoking dry herbs. It’s fixed, built-in bowl is similar to hand pipes or can have glass on glass joints for use with removable bowls or nails for dabbing. You can choose from a wide variety of bubblers, as some include higher performance percolators while others may have a longer bent neck or elaborate designs.

How Do I Use a Bubbler Pipe?

Understanding how to use a bubbler pipe is simple, even for first-time users. The first step is to fill your water chamber by either pouring water down the mouthpiece, carb hole, or glass on glass ground joint if available. The second step is to fill your bowl and pack it down lightly to ensure optimal airflow for smooth hits. Finally light your bowl and inhale with your finger covering the carb hole. Simply release your finger when you’re ready to clear the chamber and exhale.

What Are the Different Types of Bubblers?

Numerous water bubblers are available on the market. Hammer bubblers are shaped similar to a hammer and sherlock bubblers like sherlock pipes, as they are a popular choice due to their compact size, portability while traveling, and versatility. Double bubblers are special because they feature two separate chambers and percolators for the water. The first chamber in this intricate design cleans and filters like usual with the additional second chamber providing extra filtration and diffusion. You experience smooth and effortless, bong sized hits from a handheld bubbler.

Percolators in bubblers can vary widely, effecting the performance of your bubbler and quality of your hit. Higher performance percolators like the showerhead or matrix percolators are popular choices because they help filter and cool the smoke for a smoother experience, and therefore can be more expensive. If you’re looking for an alternative to glass bubblers, Purr2Go is an ideal hybrid travel pipe, made in the USA. Some bubblers have glass on glass joints for versatility so you can use interchangeable bowl and nail attachments for smoking bowls or dabs.

Glass Bubbler Pipes FAQ from Purr Glass on Vimeo.

How Much Water Do You Put in a Bubbler?

Understanding how much water to put in a bubbler is key to a great experience. Because a water bubbler is smaller than a bong, establishing the optimal water level can be unclear for first-time users. We recommend filling the water chamber about one third full and ensuring the percolator is submerged to perform optimally. Add or reduce water to tailor the level to your preference. Too much water can add unwanted resistance and not enough water can add harshness and compromise function.

How to Fill a Double Bubbler?

Filling the water chambers in a double bubbler system is similar to single chamber bubblers but requires a little extra skill. You will need to fill a double bubbler systematically to get the optimal amount of water in each chamber. It's a good idea to fill up the second chamber through the mouthpiece and then tip the bubbler so water from the second chamber flows into the first chamber underneath the bowl. Repeat these steps until both chambers are about one third full or both percolators similarly submerged in the water.

Best Way to Clean a Bubbler Pipe

Understanding how to clean a bubbler pipe is easy. You will need a few different cleaning supplies, such as a sealable bag or container, isopropyl alcohol, salt, pipe cleaners, Q-tips, and paper towels. The first step is to mix salt and alcohol in a container and soak your water bubbler in this solution. Soak for 5-15 minutes or longer for heavy resin buildup. Use q-tips and pipe cleaners to help clean hard-to-reach areas. Afterward, thoroughly rinse off your bubbler water pipe with warm water before use. Repeat any steps necessary to get your desired results.

How Long Will a Water Bubbler Last?

Well crafted glass can last you a lifetime with proper care. Regularly cleaning your bubbler water pipe and not banging or dropping it will allow your glass to last for many years before you need to consider a replacement. A bubbler water pipe is an excellent option for anyone looking for an alternative to using larger bongs and dry hand pipes.

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