Hand Blown Glass Pipes

Hand Blown Glass Pipes - Beautiful and Practical

What could be more enjoyable than smoking cannabis out of a beautifully handcrafted glass pipe? Have you wondered how glass pipes are made? This ancient art is getting renewed attention currently as smoking accessories are becoming more mainstream than ever. The Romans used blowpipes to force air into molten glass to shape the glass into the desired shape or size. Now this technique is being used to artfully design and develop cutting edge glass pipes for smoking.   

Glass is the preferred option for consuming cannabis flower and concentrates, because it’s safe, clean, sustainable. When smoking weed through glass water pipes, the flavor and terpenes can be appreciated whether you’re smoking flower or taking dabs. Each pipe has a distinct shape, function, bowl or accessory and each unique combination delivers a specific experience. If smoking smoking pre-rolled cones, joints, or using dry hand pipes is too rough on your throat and lungs, using a glass water pipe is a cleaner and more gentle alternative since it uses water to cool and smooth out your hits.

With so many benefits, it’s no wonder why so many cannabis consumers are becoming interested in learning how to make hand blown glass pipes. Let’s review what glass blowing supplies are needed and the steps involved to craft your own hand blown glass pipe.

Blowing Glass Pipes for Beginners

Glass blowing involves extremely high temperatures to heat, melt, and shape the glass. Safety is essential when blowing glass so make sure you have the right education, resources, and support before getting started.

It is a good idea to research and join glass blowing networks near you. With pipe making still being fairly new, these networks can help you connect with other borosilicate glass blowers with expertise in making smoking accessories and pipes.

To get started glass blowing, you will first need to learn about the materials and equipment needed for glass blowing.

glass blowing tools

Glass Blowing Equipment & Supplies Needed

Overall you’ll need your torch, gases, tools, and glass. You may even have some basic welding materials and safety equipment you’ll need for blowing glass like welding gloves and heating pads. However, many of the supplies needed are specialized for borosilicate glass blowing so it is often easier for a beginner to buy an all-inclusive starter kit. For example, Purr’s Glass Blowing Starter Kit contains everything you need to start glass blowing as a beginner with no experience. Some of the items include a Nortel Minor bench torch, oxygen and propane hosing, regulators, didymium safety glasses, graphite plate, glass cutter, assorted borosilicate glass tubes and rods and more. A kit like this one will save you the hassle and guesswork of searching through endless options of supplies and tools.

How to Blow Your Own Glass Pipe Steps

Once you have a safe glass blowing work space established and safety measures in place, dress in clothing that isn’t too loose or flammable, put on your didymium safety glasses, and keep flammable objects away from your work space. Check and take measure to reduce risk in your work area, making it as hazard free as possible before getting started.

Turn on your oxygen and propane. With your borosilicate glass tube or rod in hand, you’ll heat one end of the glass to create the shape needed. Keep working the glass in the flame until to connect parts, shape, and smooth rough or uneven edges.

Through various and multiple stages of heating, shaping, and cooling the glass, you will create and put together all the pieces for your intended design. Once complete, your glass pipe will be ready for use, so grab your favorite weed strain, lighter, and take your new pipe for a test run!

glass blown pipe

How to Use A Glass Pipe

Using a glass pipe is simple and easy. There are a variety of glass pipe styles that can be used dry, with water, for flower, or concentrates. Here is a basic overview of how to use a glass pipe:

If using a water pipe, fill your glass pipe with water to the appropriate water level. Next, place your ground cannabis flower into the bowl. Heat the cannabis flower with a lighter or hemp lighter as you inhale through the mouthpiece. You will see the smoke travel through the neck to the mouthpiece. If a carb hole is present, use it to help control your smoke intake. Inhale and enjoy!

To see best practices when smoking out of bongs, rigs, and bubblers, check out our instructional product videos.

For best performance, frequently change your bong or rig water and clean your glass regularly. Watch our cleaning videos for easy tips and tricks.

Glass pipe smoking offers a simple and enjoyable way to consume cannabis, and is even better when consumed from a personally handcrafted glass pipe. With Purr’s glass blowing kits and supplies, you can hand make and design portable, ergonomic glass pipes and accessories. Or you can simply enjoy supporting local, expertly made glass pipes for personal use or to give as a gift that can last a lifetime.

Blowing Glass

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