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How to Use a Glass Filter Tip for a Glass Tip Blunt

Nowadays, the art of rolling a good blunt or joint is at an all-time high due to an increase in popularity and accessibility. Just about every casual smoker knows how to roll one up or can get the right tools to roll, but even still, there’s a science behind getting the best smoking experience when smoking a joint. The solution is simple, it’s three words and something every casual smoker should have in their kit, a glass filter tip.

Now, before you go out to buy a random pack, it’s important you get the right ones and the best quality, because like any bong, rig, or pipe, the experience is only as good as what you smoke out of.

What Is A Glass Filter Tip?

Joint Tip

For something seemingly easy to use, why are there so many brands out there, and what’s the difference? There are many brands in this competitive e-commerce and smoke industry where sellers seem to only care about copying trending products that guarantee a profit.

At Purr, we set ourselves apart because, in addition to being original designers & actual smokers, our glass tips are handmade right here in our own glassblowing studio. We’re part of the entire process ensuring the best and highest quality in every one of our products.

Our glass joint tips were inspired by vintage cigarette holders, with all the luxury and convenience of a product perfected years ago with the craftsmanship of today. Each glass tip is American made using a combination of thick, high-quality borosilicate glass, premium German Schott glass, or heady, small-batch colors. So you get the benefit of feeling & looking good while improving your smoking experience.

Just watching your hits filter through the clear glass can enhance your joint smoking experience but there are so many more benefits. We made sure that our joint and blunt holder designs cool and condense your smoke for the smoothest, easy to inhale hits. The filter tip also keeps the heat at bay so you get a slower, quality burn and can enjoy smoking the blunt all the way to the end without burned fingers, lips, waste, or smelly hands. We can’t decide if the best part of using a glass joint tip is that you avoid soggy paper filters & restricted hits or stop hot ash and resin from getting into your mouth?

How To Use A Glass Filter Tip

Glass Filter Tip

Using our glass tip is a simple process. You can use it on pre-rolled cones, blunts, joints, and cigarettes without filters.

To use with pre-rolls or a regular hand roll, you simply place your joint inside the glass tip Unlike the other tiny, single-use style rolling tips or paper filters, no special handling or rolling skills are required with our innovative designs. It’s important to make sure your joint has a snug fit to prevent any smoke leakage so you get the full hit with every puff you take.

When you want to smoke a bigger roll, you can alternatively roll your glass tip inside the paper or choose from our various larger filter sizes. It’s especially easy to use with larger blunts as a glass blunt tip or in application with creative rolling too.

Being made of glass they’re reusable & easy to clean.

How To Clean A Glass Filter Tip

Glass Filter Tip Cleaning

Cleaning a glass filter tip may seem like a daunting task, especially if you have clumsy hands. But in fact, cleaning a glass filter tip is easier and faster than cleaning other types of glass pipes and accessories.

To properly clean a glass tip all you need is isopropyl alcohol, cotton swabs or bristled pipe cleaners, and a container to soak your glass tips.

The process usually takes less than 5 minutes and results in smoother, cleaner, and better-tasting hits.

The first step is to place your tip in the container and fill it up with alcohol until the tip is submerged. Then let it soak for about 5 minutes. Or for a quicker clean, simply cover one end of the glass tip with your finger, fill the tip with some rubbing alcohol and cover the other end with a finger to shake clean. And if your glass tip has a lot of resin or build-up, you can soak for longer periods of time until clean. Once cleaned with alcohol or your favorite glass cleaner, run the cotton swab or bristled pipe cleaner through the tip to get all the excess resin out. You can also use a cotton swab to easily spot treat any specific dirty areas.

Once cleaned, simply rinse the tip with warm water and dry them off before use. If you need more help with the cleaning instructions, you can watch our tutorial video. And because each glass filter tip is handcrafted with that American-made quality, maintaining it regularly is all you need to enjoy peak performance and make the tips last a lifetime.

Now that you know all about the Purr difference, enhance your pre-roll, joint, or blunt smoking experience with our widest selection of high-quality glass filter tips.

PRO TIP: Love our glass filter tips but want a custom color, size, or detail? Learn how to submit a request for a custom quote.

  • Matthew James Bredikhin

    Brilliant for when the weed burns my lips. I love this product.

  • Stacy Hernandez

    My glass cigarette tip doesn’t fit on the of my cigarette tip very well . What can I use to tighten this up and make the cigarette stay intact ?

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