Using Your Bong or Bubbler as a Dab Rig

Using Your Bong or Bubbler as a Dab Rig

You’ve heard all the rave reviews about concentrates, so now you’re considering dabbing yourself. The problem is you don’t have a separate glass dab rig, but understandably, you want to try it before investing in a new piece. 

Why not use that bong or bubbler you already have? 

Can you really dab from a bong? The short answer is yes — with a few clarifications.

Bongs and dab rigs serve distinct purposes within the realm of smoking devices. Bongs are for smoking dried flower. Dab rigs, equipped with specialized components, are tailored for concentrates, like wax. The difference between these two products is significant, but if you’re careful, you can dab with a bong.

However, you need to learn to use your bong as a dab rig to get the full effect in your dabbing. It’s not too hard; these straightforward tips will get you started. 

Can You Use A Bong As A Dab Rig?


Using a bong for dabs is okay in the short term, but it shouldn’t be a long-term solution. A dab rig is designed to optimize the flavor and potency of your dab. Dabbing from a larger water bong can result in diluted flavor and potency of your dab.

Getting a good dab rig comes with some significant advantages. Using a water bong for dabs may compromise the flavor since it’s used for smoking bowls. That’s why having a separate dab rig guarantees a cleaner and more enjoyable experience. Knowing these differences will help you decide if you want a dedicated concentrate device.

How Do You Use A Bong For Dabs?

Before you run out and buy that beautiful new dab rig, it’s wise to make sure you like dabbing first. So, how do you use your bong for dabs?

One of the main challenges of dabbing from a water bong is finding the right banger/nail to use. Some dab rig nails feature female joints and won't pair with the most common female-jointed bongs. Luckily, there are a few different ways you can fix this issue.

One option is to buy a male-jointed nail that matches the joint size of Exploring concentrates without purchasing a new piece of equipment makes good financial sense. Why buy a dedicated pipe for dabbing if you’re not sure you even like it? You're already accustomed to using a bong or bubbler, and you can make either work decently for dabbing.

A bong and a dab rig are similar enough to do the trick while you’re learning. Both devices have a water chamber, a mouthpiece, and a downstem, making it easy to switch between the two when you move from flower to concentrate.

our water bong. Standard joint sizes are 14mm or 18mm. Quartz bangers are the most popular nails used for dabbing and are offered in different sizes, joint fittings, and angles.

Another option is using a dab rig bong attachment. For example, a male-to-male adapter acts as a bridge between a female-jointed bong and a male-jointed nail. It's handy when dealing with different-sized joints on your bong and nail too.

The most crucial part is ensuring that the joint sizes and angles match. Connect those male-to-female joints or use an adapter, match your 45 or 90-degree bong angle to your nail, and you're set. Then, you can enjoy a seamless dabbing experience with your water bong.

How Do You Clean Your Bong?

Cleaning your bong is vital for a smooth experience, avoiding harsh hits, getting the best bong performance, and preserving flavor. Regular cleaning enhances the lifespan of your gear. With continuous dabbing, charred resin, or reclaim, accumulates. Changing that bong water after each use will also prevent pathogen buildup. A clean bong ensures a top-notch dabbing experience.

Incorporating a periodic deep cleaning into your maintenance routine is recommended. You can enlist our professional bong cleaning service to get your glass like-new again. Or you can soak your pieces in premixed cleaner or isopropyl alcohol using caps and plugs. After soaking for a few minutes or longer, a thorough rinse in slightly warm water will remove any remaining cleaning solution.

Another way is with the Purr Glass Cleaner. Watch this short video where Purr founder Chad walks you through how easy it is to get your gear back into peak function.

Is A Dab Rig Worth It?

Dabbing with your water bong is an intelligent move, but size matters. Go for a bong that's just right – not too small, but not too big, either. Using larger glass bongs can decrease dab quality.
Sure, bongs are cool and versatile, but a proper dab rig kit will win whenever it comes to concentrates. Dab rigs will help with the potency of your hit. When you want a small or more potent hit, dab rigs will give you that control. Proper dab rigs can maximize shatter, wax, and other thicker forms of concentrate better than larger bongs.

If style is important to you, you’ll love the various options for dab rigs on the market. There are rigs made of glass with fancy designs, or you can grab an electric dab rig with cool features to dial in what you want. And if cost is a concern, there are dab rigs to fit any budget or need. Remember that you’ll also need to buy a nail, carb cap, and torch — or a combined electric nail, etc, for dabbing from any bong, bubbler, or dab rig.

Final Thoughts

If you decide to get serious about concentrates, you’ll understand why we suggest investing in a proper dab rig. It’s an addition to your smoking game you won’t regret. When you're ready to take your dabbing to the next level, head to Purr Glass to find your perfect dab rig and dab tool accessories.

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