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Using Your Bong or Bubbler as a Dab Rig

There are often two primary reasons why you may consider using a glass bong for dabs. First is that you want to try dabbing without having to invest in separate glass dab rigs. Second, your small or medium sized water bong is convenient for dabs too. You may not have a dedicated glass dab rig, so learning how to use your glass bong or bubbler as a dab rig is vital to ensure you get the right experience.

Is It Okay to Use a Bong as a Dab Rig?

Some of you may wonder if it's okay to use a water bong for dabbing. Using a bong is acceptable as a short-term solution, as a dab rig and bong have more in common than not. Functionally they are similar, however, there are a few reasons to consider investing in a dab rig specifically for smoking dabs. Most notably, a dab rig is specially designed for optimizing flavor and potency of your dab. Dabbing from a larger water bong can result in diluted flavor and quality of your dab. And if you’re using your water bong to smoke both bowls and dabs regularly, flavor will be noticeably compromised even if changing the water after each use. This is why having a  dedicated dab rig just for dabs and another water bong for bowls will ensure you maintain the cleanest, most enjoyable experience. Keeping these differences in mind is crucial when considering buying a dab rig.

How to Use a Bong for Dabs

One of the main challenges of dabbing from a water bong is finding the right nail to use. Some dab rig nails feature female joints and therefore won't naturally pair with the most common female-jointed bongs. Luckily, there are a few different ways you can fix this issue. The simplest solution is to buy a male-jointed nail that's the same size as the joint on your water bong, typically 14mm or 18mm. Widely popular, quartz banger nails are often featured with male joints and come in 90 degree or 45 degree angles. Just like the joint size, the angle of your nail and dab rig bong need to match for a seamless experience.

Another option is to use a dab rig bong attachment if both your bong and nail has a female joint. For example, a male-to-male adapter can easily fit into the female-jointed glass bong and nail by making a connection. Using a dab rig bong attachment is especially beneficial if you are trying to use a bong and nail with different-sized joints. 

Using Your Bong or Bubbler as a Dab Rig from Purr Glass on Vimeo.

How to Clean a Dab Rig

Understanding how to clean a dab rig is vital to eliminating bacteria while ensuring peak performance and maintaining the crystalline appearance. Using clean and fresh water each time you dab will help you avoid nasty pathogens and harsh, cough inducing dabs. Not changing your rig water frequently will make it more difficult to clean and will compromise function. There are various cleaning methods you can use to maintain your glass. If your nail is highly resinated and gets stuck in your dab rig, try heating the nail, feathering a torch on the nail only until the resin or reclaim loosens.

A simple way to clean a glass dab rig or nail is to use a sealable container and soak it in alcohol. Adding fine or coarse sea salt is also helpful for deeper cleaning. Once finished, you will need to rinse your dab rig with warm water to eliminate any solution or reclaim that's leftover. Choosing to clean your dab rig and nail regularly is important for the health benefits. Proactive cleaning of your dab rig and accessories will reduce the need for frequent deep-cleaning sessions, saving you time while maximizing performance.

Is a Dab Rig Worth the Effort?

Using your water bong for dabbing can help you save money rather than having to purchase a separate dab rig. Choosing to dab from a bong is also beneficial if you only want to have one piece that allows you to switch between flower and dabs, giving you options and versatility. However, it's important to consider size if choosing to dab using larger glass bongs since large water pipes can decrease dab quality.

Typically, it's recommended for most people to use a dedicated dab rig for the best experience if dabbing regularly. Luckily, you can choose from a wide range of dab rigs, whatever your budget. Remember that you’ll also need to buy a nail and torch or a combined electric nail, etc for dabbing from any bong, bubbler, or dab rig. Ultimately, dabbing from a water bong can still be a fun and enjoyable experience if you don't have access to a dab rig.

Closing Thoughts

Understanding how to use your bong as a dab rig is a great alternative if you are not interested in purchasing a new glass dab rig. Following these simple steps can help create an improved experience when using your existing bong or bubbler as a dab rig. For the best results, regularly clean your dab rig bong to reduce health concerns. This will ensure your dabbing smokeware works optimally for many years to come.

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