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Join Purr Glass's glassblowing classes in Chatsworth, Los Angeles for a fun and educational journey in glass artistry.

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Join us for exciting glassblowing classes in Chatsworth, Los Angeles, perfect for anyone - whether you have no experience or have been glassblowing for a while. We make learning glassblowing fun and easy, turning molten glass into fantastic art pieces. Our studio in Los Angeles is ideal for getting started or sharpening your skills. Our friendly experts will show you all the cool tricks and tips for working with glass. It’s a great chance to try something new or get even better at a hobby you love, with lots of hands-on practice in glassblowing. 

Experience the Creative World of Purr Glass 

Step into Purr Glass and explore a world where art meets skill. More than just a place to learn, our studio is a community of artists and glassblowing fans. Our classes are about letting your imagination run wild and expressing yourself with glass. We have the latest gear and a supportive team to help you try something new and exciting or grow as an artist. So, join us by making beautiful glass art in a place with people who love and live for the craft. 

Chatsworth Premier Glassblowing Studio

Come and see why our glassblowing studio in Chatsworth is the place to be. We offer fantastic classes and customizable private lessons that people from Los Angeles and beyond can enjoy. The core of our mission is providing a top-notch learning experience where quality takes center stage. Our studio comes equipped with all the essentials - first-rate tools in a space that’s both secure and delightful for crafting glass art.  Whether you’re from the area or just dropping by, you’ll have the chance to learn from some of the most talented glassblowers. We’re passionate about glassblowing, and our studio is more than just a place to learn; we’re a growing community of skilled glass artists. 

Contact Us for Any Glassblowing-related Queries

Have questions about our glassblowing services? Our team is always ready to help support your glassblowing needs whether through our classes, private lessons, studio rental, or helping you find the right glassblowing tools. You can contact us by phone, email, or through our website. Help is right here, and we’d love to hear from you. Additionally, we consistently update our social media with the newest class schedules, studio happenings, and other news. At Purr Glass, we are keen to communicate with you and support your journey in glassblowing, whether you’re seeking a new experience, a beginner, or wanting to grow your existing skill set.