Our team strives to work around the most difficult of repairs to provide a solution. However, some damage is just too extensive to attempt, and may result in further irrecoverable damage. While some examples shown here may not be strictly unrepairable, the time & work required to accomplish a proper repair may be too lengthy & intensive for it to be practical.


shattered glass bong

This piece is completely shattered. We would not be able to salvage the base, and would have to make an entirely new piece.

unrepairable sprinkler perc

This piece is too complex for us to comfortably work on it. The combination of numerous percs, welds, and height risk complete failure during repair.

unrepairable perc

Internal percolator damage is often too extensive and work-heavy to be a justifiable repair.

unrepairable glass bongs

Unfortunately, the extent of this damage reaches too far in to the primary chamber of this piece, and would require an extensive rebuild to get back into function.

complex unrepairable glass bong

This piece has too many intricate connections to the chamber where the extensive break occurred. This would entail a significant rebuild.

unrepairable glycol chiller

We are unable to service glycol chiller pieces, as most are often too delicate and unable to be emptied.