Learn to Blow Glass Online for $49/month


Learn the fundamentals, essentials, and everything else you need to make a career out of glassblowing. If you're already rocking a glassblowing setup and need a comprehensive course to take your skills to the next level, you're in the right place! Meticulously curated by us, we have 20 years of insider knowledge and experience to kickstart your new journey. Cut out all the lame trial & error and get into learning the fundamentals.

By purchasing this course, you'll be granted access to our webinar series that spans over 10 weeks, each week expanding the lessons taught previously. You'll start with basics like best practices for studio setup, as well as business practices to get your brand started, ranging all the way to creating your very first piece of smokeware. Best of all, you're working towards making plenty of desirable and marketable glassware to support your craft. And this is just the start! We'll be constantly adding new content based on your needs & input so that you can get the tailored education experience in the comfort of your own space. Take it from us, as one of the longest standing glass brands out there, we want you to succeed!

Crash Course Curriculum:

  • Week 1: Getting Started
  • Week 2: Business Strategies
  • Week 3: Setting Up Your Studio
  • Week 4: Torch Basics & Using Glass Rod
  • Week 5: Making Products with Glass Rod
  • Week 6: Working Glass Tubes
  • Week 7: Joint Holders
  • Week 8: One Hitters
  • Week 9: Bubble Caps
  • Week 10: Spoon Pipes
  • ...And more always being added!
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