All You Need To Know About Bubblers

All You Need To Know About Bubblers

You've heard about bubblers, but what are they really? These interesting cannabis devices are not your everyday American glass bongs or simple glass pipes. 

Making up a distinctive category of smoking devices, bubblers are often underestimated and overshadowed by other smoking accessories. Bubblers provide a unique experience, setting them apart from traditional bongs and pipes. 

Here, we’ll explore the essentials of bubblers and why they may become your next favorite glass pipe.

What is a Bubbler?

A glass bubbler is a type of water pipe that combines the ease of using a handheld device with the filtration benefits of a water bong. Its design is quite simple: It has a bowl for holding weed, a downstem that extends into a chamber filled with water, and a mouthpiece.

So, what makes a bubbler unique? It’s all in the inhalation process. When you inhale through the mouthpiece, smoke is drawn into the water, cooled, and filtered before reaching your lungs. This purified breathing method results in smoother hits compared to traditional dry hand pipes.

The main reason why bubblers are a popular choice amongst smokers is the filtered hit they offer, but there are plenty of other reasons why these devices are making waves in the cannabis smoking industry. Bubblers come in various shapes, sizes, and designs and cater to different preferences and smoking styles. Some people even consider a bubbler to be a mini bong. 

With so many options to choose from, bubblers can work for newbie smokers all the way up to seasoned cannabis experts. But you need more information than this to decide to make the switch from your favorite device to a bubbler. Let’s explore the details of using these handy pipes to help you learn more.

Why Should You Use a Bubbler?

When cannabis is burned, it creates a smoke stream containing such things as THC, CBD, cannabinoids, and terpenes. But it also contains undesired elements like hot smoke, tar, and ash. Using a bubbler or water bong can help you receive the positive benefits you want and skip all the undesirable side effects.

Switching to a bubbler offers several other advantages for a wide variety of early and advanced smokers, too. They're compact and easy to handle, but they’re also adjustable. You can customize your smoking experience based on how you use it.

For instance, you can control the size of your hits by adjusting how long you apply heat or how much herb you pack into the bowl. If you're feeling mellow, you might take small, gentle puffs. But if you're in the mood to blast off to another galaxy, you can go all out with bigger hits.

The more advanced users will enjoy the creative designs and nuanced options. Add on the water filtration capabilities and controllable high, meaning you can control the size of your hit. You can see why they are a popular choice among smokers.

Water Filtration and Your High

Water filtration for your hit is an integral piece of knowledge you should know as you grow in your cannabis use journey. A device is only as impressive as its filtration system. In a bubbler, it works like this:

  • The water filtration process helps to cool down the smoke. You will enjoy a smoother hit that is less harsh on your throat and lungs. This process can be particularly beneficial if you tend to have coughing fits when smoking.
  • When the smoke moves through the water, it filters out harmful toxins and impurities. So, you inhale less of the undesirables mentioned above.
  • Bubblers are compact and portable, making them space-efficient and ideal for on-the-go use or for smokers who prefer discretion.
  • Some bubblers can even have an extra layer of water filtration by adding a bubbler ash catcher piece. An ash catcher prevents the main bubbler’s water chamber from getting excessively dirty. It serves as the first stage of filtration, enhancing purity and volume, effortlessly delivering smoother hits.
  • You can get a healthier hit using a bubbler than a joint or dry handpipe. Bubblers are considered healthier because of the way they filter smoke. The water in a glass bubbler not only improves the flavor of the smoke but also reduces that harsh feeling.

With its efficient water filtration system, you can see why using a bubbler in your smoking routine will enhance your overall enjoyment and satisfaction with each session. However, there are limitations to consider. 

Keep in mind that bubblers may require more frequent cleaning. People with higher tolerances may need to pack their bubbler more often for their desired effects.

How Do Bubblers Work?

Bubblers work on the principle of water filtration. As you draw air through the mouthpiece, it creates a suction that pulls smoke from the bowl into the water chamber. As the smoke travels through the water, it diffuses and cools, removing some heat and impurities. 

This process results in a smoother, cleaner hit compared to dry pipes. The water also helps to filter out ash and debris, preventing them from reaching you. Once the smoke has passed through the water, it travels up through the mouthpiece, where you inhale it.

Bubblers come in many designs. But they all use this basic mechanism to make smoking more enjoyable.

How to Use a Bubbler?

The great news is that using a bubbler is easy. Soon enough, you'll be indulging in refreshing and rejuvenating smoking sessions.

To begin, you'll need the same fundamental accessories you'd use for any other smoking method. Grab a lighter, grinder (if available), and, of course, quality cannabis.

Clean Your Bubbler

Make sure your bubbler is clean before you use it. You should change your water after every smoking session. If you use it often, you may need to change it more often. Understanding how to clean a glass bong or bubbler is crucial to maximize function and avoid unpleasant smell and effects.

Fill the Chamber

Add enough water in the chamber to cover the percolator or downstem opening. You want to ensure proper percolator function and filtration for a smooth smoking experience.

Grind Up Some Weed

Grind your favorite strain of weed into small, even pieces to maximize your weed. We always suggest using a grinder for optimal burning and airflow through the bowl.

Pack Your Bowl

Pack the ground weed into the bowl of the bubbler. We like using our large scooper spoon to scoop our weed into the bowl, then use the back of the scooper to pack the weed down evenly. You want the weed to be well distributed for a consistent burn and smooth hits. 

Light Up

Using a lighter or pocket wick, apply flame to the edge of the bowl. Slowly inhale through the mouthpiece while lighting.

As you can see, using a glass bubbler is very easy. But before you head out or search online, you should know what to look for when buying a bubbler.

What to Look for When Buying a Bubbler?

When purchasing a bubbler, consider factors such as size, material, and design. Look for a size that suits your smoking preferences and lifestyle. This could be a small, compact handheld model or a larger tabletop version.

Choose a durable material like borosilicate glass with the cleanest, long-lasting performance. Pay attention to design features, such as percolators or carb holes, which can affect your smoking experience. Bubblers come in a variety of designs and non-glass materials like silicone. While you're researching, consider a mix of reputable brands, customer reviews, and your personal style.

Follow these steps to ensure you invest in a quality bubbler that meets your needs and expectations. Taking the time to research and consider your options will lead to a satisfying smoking experience.

How Much Water Do You Put in a Bubbler?

The amount of water you put in a bubbler depends on your personal preference and the device’s specific design. You'll want to add enough water to submerge the percolator or downstem opening. This ensures proper filtration function and smoke diffusion while preventing water from splashing back.

Start by adding a small amount of water and test the draw to see how it feels. Adjust the water level until you find the right balance for smooth hits. Avoid overfilling the chamber, as this can restrict airflow and diminish your smoking experience. Experiment with different water levels to determine what works best for you.

Do Bubblers Get You Higher Than Pipes or Bongs?

While bubblers do offer smoother hits than dry pipes, do they get you higher? Maybe you’re even considering using your bong or bubbler as a dab rig. Whatever the reason, they generally don't produce more potent hits than bongs.

When considering bongs vs bubblers, there are just a few differences. Bongs have larger water chambers with room for extra filtration and can deliver more potent hits. Bubblers provide a satisfying and smoother smoking experience. The portability for on-the-go use is another great benefit.


Are you ready to experience smoother hits and enhanced flavor? Using a bubbler in your smoking routine can make each session more enjoyable. Try a bubbler today and elevate your smoking experience!

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