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Glass Blowing for Beginners

Glass blowing is a highly versatile and beautiful art form around since at least the 1st century B.C. The ability to shape glass into a wide variety of shapes provides many different artistic and practical applications. Several different glass blowing tools are used to create unique designs across numerous items. Investing in a professionally curated glass blowing kit is an excellent option for beginners interested in learning this unique craft. A beginner glass blowing kit is especially perfect if you want to learn this skill as a hobby or profession.

Here is a simple overview of the most important aspects of glass blowing to help you better understand this historic craft that's been around for thousands of years.

What is Glass Blowing?

Glass blowing is the artistic craft of using a blowpipe to help blow air into molten glass for shaping glass in a wide variety of styles. Using glass blowing supplies makes it possible to create all types of glass objects, such as bowls pipes, or even life-size statues.

One of the main benefits of choosing a career as a glassblower is that it's an incredible art form that gives you the potential to make a living by showcasing your creativity. The versatility of glass also makes it possible for you to create nearly anything you can imagine with a glass blowing  torch. Using a glass blowing starter kit to get set up is perfect if you are looking to try a new hobby or are interested in making some additional money on the side.

Enjoy creating hand made goods for your family, friends, and customers. Learning glass blowing and how to use glass blowing tools enables you to make meaningful artistic or functional glass that can last a lifetime.

One of the first things you will notice when visiting a glass blowing studio is the number of hot objects around, so it's vital to take the necessary precautions for safety first. Wearing safety glasses, gloves when needed, and having proper ventilation in your glassblowing space are some of the most essential aspects to remaining safe while glass blowing and using glass blowing tools.

Glass Blowing Image

Overview of the Glass Blowing Process

Initially, tubes or rods of borosilicate glass are heated and shaped using a blowpipe, marver, and various other glass blowing tools. While working the glass, it vital to maintain the temperature of the glass before it cools by reheating it with the torch. This process happens continually during the glass blowing process to help prevent thermal glass shock, stress, and therefore breakage.

The blowpipe is used to hold the glass in the flame and needs to be rotated continually while reheating and blowing the glass to prevent the molten glass from slumping downwards and losing its shape due to the gravitational pull. Afterward, the glassblower  will continue to blow air throughout the blowpipe to transform the glass until it settles into the right size and shape for the intended piece.

Glassblowing for Beginners from Purr Glass on Vimeo.

Glass Blowing Starter Kit

Purchasing a starter kit is perfect for anyone interested in learning how to start blowing glass pipes and accessories. A expertly curated glass blowing kit will include a variety of essential supplies, saving you time and stress from guessing what is needed the get your glass blowing studio set up.

starter kit

Closing Thoughts

Learning how to start glass blowing is a wonderful hobby that can help you earn money creating beautiful designs and a wide range of items. Taking a class that offers glass blowing for beginners can help you figure out if you’re ready to invest in a beginner glass blowing kit for yourself. Check out all our glass blowing resources. Now is the perfect time to invest your glass blowing journey.

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