'How to' Series

Curious about how we make our amazing glass? You can watch exactly how we make our production pieces as well as unique creations & repairs.


Diving into the classic beaker shape with an 8" Beaker Bong!

Need six feet of smoke? This extra special project breaks down the steps for a 6 Foot Straight Tube!

Broken bong bases are super a super common repair at Purr, & we show you just how its done!

Nothing ends a sesh quicker than a broken ground joint, so we're here to show you how we can get you back on track.

One hitters make great pieces to practice fuming, and you'll love how stellar they look and perform!

Straight tubes are a classic design that make great workhorse pieces. Great base flaring practice!

Our Double Chamber Bubbler is one of the smoothest hitting pieces you'll experience, and we'll show you just how its made.

The Large Sherlock Bubbler is our standard for bubbler performance, and we show you how to make one of your own.

Tree Perc bongs are a popular perc style that requires a lot of detail to pull off, & Part 1 covers the creation of the perc itself.

Part 2 of the Tree Perc Bong series shows you just how to install that gorgeous tree perc into a bong ready for use!

Need a handheld dab machine? We show you the process to make a great performing dab rig.

We don't just make functional pieces! Get the nitty gritty on this gorgeous pattern and technique.

The OG Hammer design, broken down into a few steps.

Learn the methods needed to make our signature Showerhead downstem, and pair it with a great glass bowl!

Craft an essential pair of tools for your dabbing needs, and learn how to make them unique!

Great pieces always start with great prep, and gold latticino is an amazing piece of starting material to make one-of-a-kind pieces!

Combine silver & gold fuming techniques in this spoon pipe tutorial for incredible color shifting effects.

Spin up a cool dab with the recycler style! See how special techniques make this piece unique.