How To Clean A Dab Rig

How To Clean A Dab Rig

When you have a dab rig in your smoking toolkit, you know how important it is for a quality hit. Whether you prefer a bong-style dab rig or a bubbler dab rig, frequent cleaning is crucial for this type of bong to run in peak condition. 

If you dab often, you’ve seen how quickly resin can build up. This resin build-up restricts air pathways, which adds harshness to your hit and reduces the size and potency of your hit. You know you don’t want to waste your dabs!

Typically, most of us use a portable dab rig. These can be standard, using external heat sources like a butane torch or battery-powered (electric dab rigs). Whichever kind you have, every part will accumulate residue over time.  

Caring for your glass is essential to maximize every bit of the dab and amplify your hits. Common cleanling habits tell you to clean the nail or banger after every dab session. However, deep cleaning the rig is often intimidating the first few times.


Fear not, though; the process is simple, and even seasoned users were once beginners! This guide will help you embrace the learning curve and master the art of dab rig maintenance.


Dab Rig Parts

Knowing the fundamental parts that make up your dab rig kit is essential. There are various chambers designed to cool the heated vapor as it travels through them. These areas provide water filtration that cools and cleans the vapor before reaching your lungs.

The quartz banger, also known as a nail, is a crucial part of the dab rig. It’s where you apply the heat source, vaporizing the concentrate. A torch or an electric heat source heats this area, setting the stage for the dabbing experience. Most people also use a dab tool crafted from glass or metal to transfer the concentrate to the rig.

With those essential bits of knowledge about the inner workings of your dab rig, it’s time to start with the fun part — cleaning each piece meticulously so you can enjoy the high-quality impact of each dab.

Gather Your Supplies

Before breathing new life into your dab rig, ensure you have all the necessary supplies. You may also want a pair of gloves and a well-ventilated work area. You’ll appreciate that forethought later as you need each item.

For a successful deep clean, grab these supplies:

One important thing to check is that the container or resealable bag is large enough for the pieces to fit. You may want different containers to separate the pieces to keep them from banging together and potentially breaking. 

Use a glass cleaner designed for dab rigs or bongs. You can also use 91% isopropyl alcohol or vinegar. 

Pro tip: Plugging the holes with cleaning plugs or caps will be less messy and safer than using your fingers.

Follow These Steps To Deep Clean Your Dab Rig

Rinse The Dab Rig

First, you want to dump out that murky water. Then, use slightly warm, clean water and fill the rig. Avoid hot or boiling water, as extreme temperature differences between the glass and liquid can lead to thermal shock and breakage. Plug up any holes with your cleaning plugs or caps. Gently shake for a few minutes, then pour out the newly dirtied water.

Prepare Your Cleaning Solution

Your dab rig is rinsed, but it’s not clean yet. For that to happen, you need a cleaning solution that’s healthy enough for you but enough to clean the accessories.

There are various ways to make a solution, but the easiest way is with a pre-mixed glass cleaner. This solvent will help strip away stubborn resin and water stains. Alternatively, you can use isopropyl alcohol or vinegar. Whichever method you choose, make enough for the various pieces.

 Disassemble the Dab Rig Kit

For a proper clean, separate the dab rig from all the accessories. Remove the dab nail or quartz banger and anything else that comes apart easily. While you can clean it with everything still attached, separating all removable parts is better, as some parts might need more soaking time than others.

Soak Your Pieces

Place all your accessories into the bag or container with your preferred glass cleaner. Make sure any delicate pieces are in a separate container by themselves. They should sit for at least a few minutes or more for heavier buildup. 

Let your rig take a bath in the cleaning solution as well. If your rig is too large or clunky for a container, fill it with the solution, seal it off with caps or plugs, and let it soak. 

Take your time if you're not a frequent cleaner. Your rig deserves the attention. After the time is up, shake the rig gently and pour out the contents. Take the accessories out of the containers and place them on a paper towel.

Clean The Tricky Spots

Are you still seeing some dark spots or residue? Use a cleaning brush, bristled pipe cleaners, or Q-tips to spot-treat any leftover areas. Remember to check the accessories the same way after they've soaked in the cleaning solution.

Rinse Off The Dab Rig

Soaking your glass in a cleaning solution should remove most of the resin and buildup. Follow up with a thorough water rinse to get it pristine. Fill your rig with slightly warm water. Cap it, gently shake it, then let the water flow down the drain. Again, make sure the water is not too warm or hot. Repeat rinsing with water as needed to remove all traces of the cleaning solution. Place the dab rig and all the accessories on a few paper towels to dry completely before use.

Happy Dabbing!

Knowing how to use a dab rig is one thing, but over time, you’ll notice that a clean rig results in a better dabbing experience. Now that you know how to clean a dab rig, you’re on your way to becoming a seasoned pro, enjoying every hit like the first one. 

In between cleanings, remember to change the water in your dab rig after every use to keep it in excellent working condition, and always use well-made products like Purr Glass’s dab rig accessories for the best experience!

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