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Why You Need a Glass One Hitter Pipe

Are you a medical or recreational cannabis user looking for a device that allows you to have a quick smoke on the go? A one hitter is a perfect solution to smoking a small amount of product quickly and effortlessly. In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of a one hitter and how to use it.

What is One Hitter Pipe?

A one hitter pipe is a compact, portable smoking device most comparable to a small bowl. Also known as a chillum or a bat, a one hitter usually has a long tube with a bowl or receptacle to hold the cannabis flower at one end, and a mouthpiece at the other. It is portable and discreet, and you can find ones that look like little cigarettes and other unique designs for enjoying your bud or microdosing on the go. They come in all sorts of materials such as wood, metal, or glass, but we always recommend glass for best flavor, reusability, and easy cleaning!

Advantages of a Glass One Hitter Pipe

The main advantage of a one hitter is that you can discreetly take a puff or two when you need it. From a distance, a person lighting and smoking out of a one hitter looks similar to a person having a cigarette. A one hitter means short, quick puffs of smoke, so you do not have a lingering aroma of a burning joint.

Also, portability is another top notch feature of one hitter pipes. They’re small enough to stash in your pocket or purse easily, don’t require other parts or water. And when we need easy handling, we travel with our one hitters pre-packed with cannabis so they’re ready just light up and go. When you’re done, empty the bowl and simply put it away.

Using a one hitter pipe is an effective way to dose and conserve your cannabis supply. Rather than committing to smoking a large bowl, you consume small amounts which can help ration your cannabis supply to last more days if needed. A one hitter lets you enjoy a small to moderate amount of cannabis flower in a quick, easy access form. For those microdosing, a one hitter can make tracking consumption more precise and convenient too.  

Another advantage of a glass one hitter is that some consumers use them when sampling a new weed strain. If you want to try a new marijuana strain and don’t want to contaminate flavors by using a bowl or bong you recently used to smoke another strain, one hitters make it much faster to wash and dry for reuse rather than dealing with cleaning a big bong.

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How to Clean a Glass One Hitter Pipe

Frequent cleaning is important in order to avoid bacteria and resin buildup in your glass one hitter. Many consumers recommend cleaning it daily for most efficient consumption. Frequency of cleaning really depends on how much cannabis you’re smoking. For glass one hitters, you can use a range of cleaning solutions that are easily found at home or are commercial cleaners like 420 Formula that you use on your other glass pipes and bowls. Of course, brand name cleaners will be more expensive, so if you are cleaning your one hitter frequently you probably would like to know a more cost-effective way to maintain your smoking device. 

One effective and low-cost method for cleaning a glass one hitter requires items you likely already have at home. You will need a ziplock plastic bag or safe sealable container, rubbing alcohol, salt, and water. Note that the higher percentage alcohol you use, the more effective. Place the glass one hitter in the Ziplock bag or sealable container. Add enough alcohol until the one hitter is submerged in the alcohol. Then add about a tablespoon of salt. Many claim that sea salt works best for removing build up, but you can use any salt you have. Coarse salts are more effective than finely ground salt for removing resin. Agitate the bag gently so that the solution circulates throughout the one hitter pipe. The salt will act as an abrasive to scrub off the cannabis resin that builds up in the tube. Soaking times can vary from 5-15 minutes for lighter cleaning or for stubborn resin buildup, you can soak the one hitter in alcohol for 30-60 minutes or even longer as needed. Ensure to rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water and dry completely before use.

How to Use a One Hitter Pipe

Use a grinder or your preferred method to break up your bud. Place the ground or broken up cannabis in the bowl or end of the one hitter. Pack the flower tight enough so that it won’t fall out but not so tight that it restricts airflow. Put your lips on the mouthpiece, light the flower using a lighter or hemp wick lighter, and slowly inhale the smoke building up in the neck or chamber of the one hitter. Inhale and exhale like normal, and repeat until the bowl is thoroughly smoked. Tap the ash out carefully or blow out into the mouthpiece and through the bowl to empty it for next use.

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Purr’s One Hitter Pipe

Now that we have covered the benefits and advantages of a one hitter pipe and how to use it, you might be convinced that you need this small but mighty little smoking device. At Purr Glass, we’re proud to offer an American made glass one hitter pipe that’s handcrafted in our California based glassblowing studio. We design our one hitter pipe so it is easy to use and clean, durable, and compact. If you are buying your first glass accessory, this is the perfect first one hitter. Its simple design means you do not have to worry about water or a carb. It also features an anti-rolling marble, so you dont have to worry about the pipe rolling off surfaces in between smoking. If you have more questions about Purrs one hitter pipe or want a custom one, please contact us - we are happy to help!

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