Breaking your bong can be a heart shattering moment because we know how much your glass means to you. Luckily, we repair both Purr and non-Purr pieces, as well as non-smokeware glass. Check out the video to see what's needed for a quote, what is & isn't repairable, and then simply follow the steps below.



See why our incredible community chose to go with Purr repairs!

"My piece had broken and was totally unusable. I sent some photos to Purr and quickly received a reply informing me they could fix it. The process was very easy and surprisingly fast. My piece came back to me looking and functioning as good as new!"

- Frank Paterson

"Purr is professional and expert - prompt, clear communications, and quick turnaround. A cherished bowl slide with a cracked joint was repaired - a new joint was installed and it looks beautiful. Im very pleased with the result. A+"

- Josh


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