Joint Repair
Joint Repair

Joint Repair

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By far, the most extensively used part of your bong has to be the ground joint. It's no wonder why its one of the most common breaks we repair at our studio, which means we certainly know our way around joint repairs. Let's get your glass going again! 

Note: if your piece features a removable downstem, we'll need this included in your shipment so we can repair your joint to the appropriate angle and length from the bottom. If no downstem is available, you can also purchase one alongside your repair.

Coupon codes not applicable. Service fees are non-refundable in the event you no longer want to proceed with the repair. We will only honor a refund in the event your piece is completely non-repairable. All taxes and expedited shipping rates are calculated at checkout.

Variations outside of the agreed design at time of order can be subject to additional charges and extended projected turnaround times. Completed repairs are final sale & non-refundable.

Typical completion timelines from date of receiving your glass in our studio is 1-2 weeks.

Disclaimer: Due to the unknown original quality & construction of non-Purr glass items, repairs can risk further damage, and may become unsalvageable during the process. You can view our full service Terms and Conditions here.

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