High style & high function mark the Swiss Honeycomb's signature design. Perfect for bowls or dabs, you'll love how much performance you'll get out of a piece that looks just as good.

Need a piece that will never let you down? The 8" Beaker is a bong that could easily fit the "workhorse" label while deliverying incredible flavor, smoke volume, and ease of use in an easy-to-clean package.

Sometimes the simplest shapes leave the biggest impressions. That's why the Bud Vase was designed to fit seamlessly into your home decor while performing spectacularly with either bowls or dabs.

Need that perfect mantle piece? The Decanter will look stellar in any home while having a generous chamber volume for huge milky hits, whether its bowls or dabs.

Straight tubes are a timeless design that give you straight hitting bowls & superb ease of use. With the 12" Straight Tube's removeable showerhead downstem, cleaning is a cinch.

Sometimes a big bong is required to get the job done. See how our 18" 9mm Beaker stacks up as one of our heaviest hitters, as well as our thickest glass.